What You Gonna Choose, Money or Happiness? Which One More Important?

Via Financial High Way

God, again, Miss Vallendri Arnout once again woke up early like a stupid chook.

I don’t know, I just feels like I want to pee (still sleepy at this point), and when I go to the toilet and pee, suddenly my eyes like ‘fresh’. Like the feel you feel when you took off the contact and wash your eyes with those liquid. Oh guys, you maybe recommend me to just hold and continue sleeping till dawn. Um, I’m afraid it will give me ‘penyakit batu marin’(I’m not sure what its called in Eglish). When I on the toilet. . . STOP!

Oops sorry, seems like I almost carried away by urine topic.  *innocent grin*

So, to spend that early morning time instead of do sports or something like most healthy people do, I open my little Leppie.

No you wrong, I’m not straight to Firefox. I go to Winamp first. Can’t stand fan + my hearth beat sound ha ha. And then go to Skype since there’s messages on there.

Readers: Val, I don’t want to know about Winamp, hearth beat, or any of the shit. Keep on the topic please!

Vallen: Sorry. . . *worried*

Anyway, when I’m on Firefox, the first place I go is gmail. I mean absolutely open the email first of all since my freelance job can be there anytime with strictly deadline.

The second place of course wordpress. I mean lately I kind of crazy about it and came everyday.

Ow, there’s notification! What it can be? Hey, someone liked my post! Um, actually two someone! *confused* Ha ha

If I have many times, then I will go check them out. Who know what they have, can be amazing things like I do have on my own blog. *evil grin*

Actually I’m right. He has cool stuff on there. Particularly I um have special interest on his latest post which is titled For the Love of Money or Happiness. Um, and this: Is College Degree Worth It?

On For the Love of Money or Happiness Mr. Colby said “Now this brings up the question which is more important to you money or happiness?” That a question.  Very simple, and absobloodylootely doesn’t have any wrong answer. There’s no professor that gonna keep marking with red ink on your answer.

I put my answer on there too. But I feel like want to write here for specific.

I choose happiness!


But then again, I don’t need to think about money for now at least. I just call Mum and Dad and like “I run out of money.””I want to buy this.” “I want to buy that.” and as long as they have the money and my request still not out of bound, they provide it. How hard it can be? Just make a phone call. And I don’t even pay for it!

And then there’s WHAT IF. . .

WHAT IF! What if I’m not who I am now? What if I am that girl? What if I am that girl in that dirty dress with one hand knocking our car window and the other hand open for coins? What if all the shoes I loved gone, replaced by one single ugly weird stinky shoe? What if I am that girl who sleeps under fly over with rock as her pillow?

I just give you some of what if those cross over my mind. We don’t even mention about their stomic.

And again it’s too extreme. I bet Mr. Colby mean with choosing happiness is: give up over well paid job but 12 hours per day and go with less than 8 hours per day even the salary far lower.

So I will just share my dark story then.

It was Junior High. We was very happy and enough (I’m not say rich, but enough). And then it happened. Bankrupt. We were struggle for almost a year. No it’s not struggle like we can’t afford food or something basic.

Like I’ve been said on the comment, Mum and Dad seems like fine in the surface, in front of us (me and my two little brothers). But there’s time I found the fought, and even one time talking about divorce.

See what ‘lack of money’can cause? A divorce for God’s sake! Yeah, I was young when ‘The Real World’ introduces himself.

You don’t know me or my Mum and Dad so maybe you not believe my story. But what about Chris Gardner story? A poor salesman with his bone density scanner product all over, but with hard work becomes a billionaire. This movie (The Pursiuit of Happyness) is really showing you how hard it can be when you lack of money.


The Pursuit of Happyness movie poster took from wiki.

Like old Ban Hyo Jung (at Brilliant Legacy) said: Money is scariest thing in the world.

Brilliant Legacy drama poster took from Asinopsis


For conclusion I will borrow some of Max’s words (from Mr. Colby post):

Let’s have balanced life, a kind, caring outlook and moderation in all things. Ah, do your best and put everything in God’s hand. Believe it! Happiness will come along.

PS: If you have any solution for my urinate + sleep problem, very welcome! But believe me, I pee every night before go to bed. It’s not worked if it is your solution.

PSS: All this stupid thought basic on 22 years old thought. So, hardly say it will be as great as the title.

PSSS: English is my third languages (1. Dayak, 2. Indonesian, 3. English), so, grammar error, please apologize^^

Look at this pic! Ha ha

Via The Hip Pocket

Actually, I kind of agree with this guy.

Um, those my thought. What yours? Dont hestitate to share it on comment sesion down there!^^

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