My Messy Life, Dramatic Parent, Finnaly Tell the Truth!

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Guys how are you?

Me? Um, messy, I think. Yeah, messy is the right word to describe my situation lately. I just left by my plane! And its not just an ordinary left by plane like other people often through, its Vallendri Arnout version of left by plane and will tell you the specific later. The thing is I supposed to fly to Banjarmasin at Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 12.40 pm but now Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 11.58 pm I still on Bogor. For now, let’s just focus on how I coped the tragedy—for dramatic effect, I will call it the tragedy from now on^^.

Screenshot - 6_19_2016 , 10_00_23 AM

Look at my e-ticket!

I was eating when I found out the tragedy. You know what, I can’t finish my dinner. Maybe sounds over but dumped by plane is much worse that dumped by a guy you crush for years.

Even actually the problem (in my case) is how I suppose to tell my parent about this?  Yeah, it’s all about pass the news to Mum and Dad. Actually it’s the entire big thing when I got into trouble.

The thing about my parent is they are dramatic and over. If I told them about the tragedy, I will be a dead meat for years!

No, they not gonna angry or something. THEY WILL WORRY. They will not gonna left me alone for my entire life. They not gonna believe me as a grown up and responsible woman for all my life!

God, I will tell you a story like three years ago on my freshman years of college.

It was Sunday morning, my roommate (Bogor Agricultural University requiring that all freshman year to stay on dormitory even when their house is 1 km from campus) drag me to go to Flower and Fruit Festival that organize by one of our Faculty but it on national scale. Yeah its kind of great festival I remember.

What I mean by Sunday morning is Sunday around 6 am. That’s how I said ‘drag’. If it likes one hour or more than 6, I will go nicely. But its 6 am. Who the hell is wake up in 6 am in Sunday? Obviously not me.

Thanks to my roommate, I go to the festival without shower, just brush my teeth and wash my face and took random shirt and jeans. Yeah, no more than that, I even forget to bring my phone.

That’s a big mistake. I should have my phone! I SHOULD! Or something big would happen.

No I don’t have my phone till like 8 pm, and yeah, something big happen! More than a hundred missed calls, 46 obsess text messages, and I’m not really remembering how many voice messages, all from my Mum and Dad. They call my entire friend which is old friend and on another campus and city, they still don’t know my new friend because I just know them too. It ended with my Mum fly to checking me by herself.

Now you know how crazy and dramatic my parent is.

So that’s why I don’t want to tell my parent about the tragedy. They will panic and worry about me and my messy life. They like never believe me on organizing myself. THEY WILL TREATH ME LIKE 5 YEARS OLD! They did a year after not answer phone tragedy. That’s why I don’t want to let them know my problem, my mistake.

I want to be responsible for myself. I am 22 years old for God’s sake!

So I try to handle it myself without telling my parent. I go to to find another flight but seem like no way I can get the plane with same time departure with my old-planned-plane because the price already high on H-1. I mean is a website that will allow you to check the lower price of all flight. I don’t have that much money because once again my parent don’t believe me to take too much, they have fair reason which is because I am kind of shopaholic. Yeah, they give me as much as I need.

Ok, the thing is: I can’t afford the flight on my own. So, one of my friend have an idea that I can borrow her money. But I don’t know. Its kind of lot of money, I have no guts to borrow that much. How I suppose to pay and when? Even thought she said I can give it back to her anytime I can no matter when, I still can’t. I still afraid.

So, I failed to handle it myself without my parent. What I did instead, is so irresponsible.

I’m hiding! I turn off my phone and pretend like nothing happened.

But both my best friend force (what I mean by force is: they keep tell me to) me to call my parent. In the end I call. But instead of tell the truth, I lied. I told Mum that my prof wants to talk about my research tomorrow (Monday) so I can’t back home today (Sunday).

I mean I want to tell the truth. I text Mum like: “Mum!” and she like call me right away and like: “What happened?” in her worrying voice! How can I tell that ‘I left by plane’ when she like already worry like that even when I just say “Mum!”?

And again, my two best friends who are don’t know each other, one from my real life, and one from my virtual life. Both come up with same sentence:

I thought you tell the truth. It’ll fell better after you come clean and tell the truth. Otherwise you’ll have to keep this lie up for years. But you are an adult; it’s entirely up to you.


Tak tik tuk tek tok. . .

I call dad. He pick after two rings. Actually I begin to think that my parent have sixth sense or something. They are far better than fortune teller, it’s nearly God’s right hand at smell something fishy on their children (me and my two little brothers).

He like quiet, just quiet for a minute I think after I finish my story. That is the worse minute I ever have. But after that he just likes:

Oh, ok. I will figure it out how to tell your Mum about this, and how to get you another ticket.

Guys, it’s not so bad. Tell the truth. No it’s not easy, but like my best friends said: IT FEEL BETTER.

Do you have similar story? I mean about overreacted parent or telling the truth experience. . . I would love to hear about it, don’t forget to tell me on the comment session down bellow! ^^

What you think guys?

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