What Kind Of Guy That I Actually Fancy?


One of those guys? Via Morguefile

Lots of people asked me that question, even my best friend did every time. They said it’s because my relationship mostly not worked and instead being dumped like most of the girl around me, I am the one who dumped them.

First of all guys, I don’t like ‘dumped’ word. It’s not really my word. I prefer like ‘I ended the relationship nicely and they agree-sometime not like my crazy stupid ex that hack all my account 3 years ago’. And it’s not a relationship like serious boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, it’s not that far. I always ended it (make it clear) when I think the guy changed and shown unnatural sign that refer into ‘something serious’. Anyway here is one of my stories and in future I would love to tell more, for now lets focus on the topic.

Anyway they often asked this hard question. Hard because I can make zillion list of guy I don’t like, but guy I fancy . . .? What kind of guy I actually fancy?

I like a guy that tall, sexy, muscular but not in creepy way, he should like have those sparks in his eyes. Spark of passion and joke that just between me and him. He should be funny and witty and crazy but smart, wise and know when it times to be serious. When I back from work (campus for now), back from my hard life, he would be there not asking anything, not make any wrong move but just there to hug and listen to all my rambling. He would never dare to cum before me, he would hold it and give me the maximum pleasure first and then join me on the paradise. He would be there to help me with whatever I needed help, even my Nuclear Physics homework. He should bring me closer to The Transcendent. He would never raise his voice on me or o my kids. He should be the guy my Mum and Dad fancy too. Which is mean he should be perfect.

Now I ask you, DID I JUST DESCRIBE A HUMAN? No I know I’m not. That’s how it’s hard to answer the question.  The thing about relationship is: I believe you just know when the time coming. You just know it. So in this period of time, I just am waiting. No it’s not like sit on the chair, knitting, plant a flower from goldfish and wait for the prince charming come in his horse. I try to get to know guys but just gonna jump into relationship when I found ‘the one’.

Is it because I am picky and bitchy? I’m not really mind with what you assumed, but I’m not considering myself in that way (of course). I just like don’t feel want to involve in relationship that I don’t belong. And I don’t want to waste your time, mostly mine.

Anyway that’s it! The kind of guy I fancy is a guy that destined by God and just for me.

By the way, did I mention that I can make zillion list of the guy I don’t like? Ok here I will share one of them.

One of my ways to ‘wait for the one’ is: login to a dating site.

I’m not very active there because I don’t know, I always contacted by weirdoes. I mean the kind of guy that same age or even older than my dad. Or the kind of guy that nice at first, but in the end all their intention is to see me naked on cam. Or another weirdo I’m not sure I should write it here and not make your stomic spinning. Well, not that I have not meet with nice guy too thought.  Mostly (75%) bule (White guy) I meet is from those websites.

Ok its not the point, I’m sorry I don’t know why I keep carried away every time I talk to you guys.. ha ha

Few hours ago, I went to the site. No surprise, bunch of craps on there. On of those craps is this guy. I don’t want to write his name but I will share his profile.

Screenshot - 6_21_2016 , 9_32_54 PMScreenshot - 6_21_2016 , 9_33_17 PM

He is a married guy; confess that ne is unhappy, blabbering about his ‘bad’ wife on there, looking for another relationship.

For me, that guy is the kind of guy that I will decline even when they are ‘buy one get three’ if we put in commercial way. Ha ha

He wants to start another relationship when his current relationship is in chaos. Is he that afraid to be alone even for a minute? Did he even bother to take some time to evaluate the last relationship that not worked well? Did he even think about his cute little baby on his pictures collection? God I hate that kind of guy!

Yeah, I think I already say too much isn’t it? What yours type? What kind of guy you like and don’t like? Why? I want to know, so please put it on the comments session down bellow!

Love, hugs, and kisses,

Vallendri Arnout ^^

6 thoughts on “What Kind Of Guy That I Actually Fancy?

  1. I’ve been reading your blog. Quite entertaining. I am not sure I appreciate the whole “pursuing bule” thingie, but to each their own, and do what you want in life and don’t let anyone says otherwise 🙂 Good luck in your own “pursuit”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Entertaining.. hmm,, fair enough^^

      And I’m not gonna let whoever take over my life. But it’s not that I would never listen to anyone. I would if its good and spoken in a nice way. Hi hi, So please don’t hestitate to give some advices if in the future I sounds like ‘lost’ too far 🙂

      And thanks, I needed that luck! *evil grin*


      1. No wonder.. 😉 Believe me, I will try to be like you (living among bule) after get this bloody BS. Hi hi

        So, please share if there’s any info for schoolarship or other programs (even internship) in Denmark. My major is Physics.


      2. Well, you could start finding out by checking out what universities are available here and what kind of programs that they offer 🙂

        Imho, bule2 single di Indonesia rata2 ngehe semua (of course not all). I wasn’t dating any back then, but when I was working at the Jakarta Post, our copy editing section were native speakers and they were annoying and pain in the ass as hell.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yehe, , ‘lirik-lirik’ing now. ^^

        And thats how I still single. lol. Pada ngehe as hell. Some of them act like superior just because Indonesian (most) treat them like one. Ya, varian rasa nya kurang bagus. But ‘varian bule’ is not the reason i want to go abroad Sis *in case I sounds like that*


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