Once Without a Time

A friend wrote this with me in her mind. . . She always have some magical words. . . Especially when she write about “time”.

Diary of a Deluded Heart

Once Without a Time.jpg

For someone who is so obsessed with time, I seem to forget that most people move on with it.

It is not an attribute of the common, to hang up a broken clock in the hall of their stagnant lives. That is a pattern of my own.

I’m typically atypical in my state of standstill. I’m inspired to aspire from the walls within.
The lure of the day marks just the coming of the night. The night beckons me to sleep, for the coming of a new day.

But others, they venture forward and seek to get lost, knowing that the discovery of life comes in the adventure of its course.

Their tales will be told as a time they were once upon, but mine will be told as being without, for I live in a place where the ticks do not applaud me, so I am not accepted…

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What Kind Of Guy That I Actually Fancy?


One of those guys? Via Morguefile

Lots of people asked me that question, even my best friend did every time. They said it’s because my relationship mostly not worked and instead being dumped like most of the girl around me, I am the one who dumped them.

First of all guys, I don’t like ‘dumped’ word. It’s not really my word. I prefer like ‘I ended the relationship nicely and they agree-sometime not like my crazy stupid ex that hack all my account 3 years ago’. And it’s not a relationship like serious boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, it’s not that far. I always ended it (make it clear) when I think the guy changed and shown unnatural sign that refer into ‘something serious’. Anyway here is one of my stories and in future I would love to tell more, for now lets focus on the topic.

Anyway they often asked this hard question. Hard because I can make zillion list of guy I don’t like, but guy I fancy . . .? What kind of guy I actually fancy?

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Indonesia and Self Ageism!

Via tumblr

We are all born with a time limit; a conjoined, invisible hourglass attached to us. It is Time that has essentially created ageism; it dictates to us the phases of our life and as such, the order and outcome of it, thus adopting a co-master to our own fate.

These are the words spoken in a post titled Time |vs| Infinity, by “DiaryOfADeludedHeart

Again, I found this post when I went to revisit someone who once came to visit me and left some footprints behind. Actually I hate this kind of blogger, because they write better than me. They write in this most high literary, melodically written words that make me feels sooo low classed. *rolling eyes* Ha ha. But there’s a teeny little flick on my heart that tells me: “NO you are not hating them. You love them. And you NOT low classed Val, maybe you are not as high in literature or a lyrical writer but you are great too in your own way.” (Oops, here comes my high extreme level of self-confidence!!!^^)

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My Messy Life, Dramatic Parent, Finnaly Tell the Truth!


Via Morguefile

Guys how are you?

Me? Um, messy, I think. Yeah, messy is the right word to describe my situation lately. I just left by my plane! And its not just an ordinary left by plane like other people often through, its Vallendri Arnout version of left by plane and will tell you the specific later. The thing is I supposed to fly to Banjarmasin at Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 12.40 pm but now Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 11.58 pm I still on Bogor. For now, let’s just focus on how I coped the tragedy—for dramatic effect, I will call it the tragedy from now on^^.

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What You Gonna Choose, Money or Happiness? Which One More Important?

Via Financial High Way

God, again, Miss Vallendri Arnout once again woke up early like a stupid chook.

I don’t know, I just feels like I want to pee (still sleepy at this point), and when I go to the toilet and pee, suddenly my eyes like ‘fresh’. Like the feel you feel when you took off the contact and wash your eyes with those liquid. Oh guys, you maybe recommend me to just hold and continue sleeping till dawn. Um, I’m afraid it will give me ‘penyakit batu marin’(I’m not sure what its called in Eglish). When I on the toilet. . . STOP!

Oops sorry, seems like I almost carried away by urine topic.  *innocent grin*

So, to spend that early morning time instead of do sports or something like most healthy people do, I open my little Leppie.

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