What Kind Of Guy That I Actually Fancy?


One of those guys? Via Morguefile

Lots of people asked me that question, even my best friend did every time. They said it’s because my relationship mostly not worked and instead being dumped like most of the girl around me, I am the one who dumped them.

First of all guys, I don’t like ‘dumped’ word. It’s not really my word. I prefer like ‘I ended the relationship nicely and they agree-sometime not like my crazy stupid ex that hack all my account 3 years ago’. And it’s not a relationship like serious boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, it’s not that far. I always ended it (make it clear) when I think the guy changed and shown unnatural sign that refer into ‘something serious’. Anyway here is one of my stories and in future I would love to tell more, for now lets focus on the topic.

Anyway they often asked this hard question. Hard because I can make zillion list of guy I don’t like, but guy I fancy . . .? What kind of guy I actually fancy?

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